Has anyone actually been through a HIPAA audit and NOT been fined?


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In other words, is it actually POSSIBLE to be 100% compliant, without hiring a professional?


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I'm sure it's possible, but extremely unlikely. In a short conversation that I have with the medical office administrator or owners of a medical practices, I typically uncover at least 1 potential infraction. HIPAA is complex and confusing. There are a LOT of jobs to be done and most practice owners are not aware of the mountain of work to get hipaa compliant.


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Note that we’re installing two packages — webpack and webpack-cli (which enables you to use webpack from the command line). Also note the --save-dev argument — this saves it as a development dependency, which means it’s a package that you need in your development environment but not on your production server. You can see this reflected in the package.json file, which was automatically updated: https://mlsdev.com/services/custom-software-development
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