How did your company learn so much about HIPAA?


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It's an ongoing and continuous battle, but we are very determined. It's our mission to make HIPAA compliance easy and affordable for medical practices (covered entities - CEs and business associates (BAs) of all sizes, which is why we are always writing new books on HIPAA, HIPAA security risk assessments and compliance.


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YouTube is also a great resource for supplementing your learning process. There are literally thousands of videos on YouTube, so a simple search on YouTube will give you the information you need. Search for videos about the specific language or project you are working on. The most useful website I've come across in my journey to learn web development is FreeCodeCamp, which offers an extensive 3000-hour web development course. It also offers credentials in machine learning with Python by, scientific computing, and data analysis. It also has a website, YouTube channel, and Forum where you can find out about the latest developments in the field of web development.
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